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LGCDP कार्यक्रम अधिकृतको छनौट कार्यविधी तथा पाठ्यक्रम

LGCDP अनतर्गतको कार्यक्रम अधिकृतको छनौट कार्यविधी तथा परिक्षाको पाठ्यक्रम यहाँ उपलब्ध छ ।

Syllabus for the written examination of LGCDP Program Officer
Subject Marks Remarks
1) LGCDP Program 5  
2) Provision of LSGA, Source of Revenue Generation 20  
3) Decentralization concept/Initiatives and efforts   
taken by government for decentralization practice  
4) Devolution/Sectoral Devolution/Federalism  
5) Planning/Participatory planning process,  
6) 14 steps planning process  
7) Linkage of local level planning with central level  
8) Social Mobilization 20  
9) Transformal Vs Transactional approach of SM,  
10) Local Economic Development  
11) Downward accountability/Civic Over sight  
12) MIS system in LBs  
13) GESI concept and provision of GESI in government policies/LGCDP 20  
14) Gender Responsive Budgeting and Auditing  
15) Concept of CFLG  
16) Law and policies provisions about children's right  
17) Vital event and social security  
18) Environmental issues including climate change and DRR  
19) EFLG Framework  
20) MCPM indicators 15  
21) Perormance based funding system  
22) Provosion as per LSGA  
23) Resorce Mobilization Guideline  
24) Fiduciary Risk  
25) Periodic Plan 20  
26) CD Plan  
27) Building by law  
29) Procurement Plan  
30) Monitoring Plan/Result Based monitoring  
Total 100  


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